Can you make a Custom Label Scanning System?

Certainly we can. MBagger Touch is written using Pinesoft Ltd’s amazingly powerful PostID Toolkit.

PolyWrap Label,Clean Copy

The Image Processed By MBagger. Clean and Readable

If you want to do more than MBagger Touch can, we can use the same technology to make your perfect system.

PostID custom label scanning system

PostID is designed to create robust applications quickly and reliably, as it consists of a large selection of pre-built interface components. It has been used to create applications as diverse as MBagger Touch, Revenue Protection Systems and Data Entry Solutions. It is so reliable that it has even been used to create the data entry workstation for other companies commercial software products, such as Neoposts Neotrak Touch. This means that it is ideally suited to creating your custom label scanning system.

What Hardware can PostID use?

PostID is constantly being expanded, with support for new types of hardware being added all the time.

Examples of  hardware that PostID can use for your custom label scanning system straight from the box include:

  • Image scanners
  • Barcode scanners
  • Cameras
  • Weigh Scales
  • Dimension Measurers (equipment to measure packages)
  • Microsoft Kinect ™ (measuring people or packages)
  • Printers

How Do You Make A Custom Label Scanning System?

PostID uses a graphical drag and drop editor to connect various modules together. These modules have inputs and outputs that pass data around:

postid for custom label scanning systems

What Can It Do With All That Data?

In essence anything that you want. let’s look at a typical label scanning system, a real world example for data entry by a logistics company.

The company was redelivering packages into lockers, and the data exchange between the customer and them, was the address label only. No IT integration was required with their carriers, or the eTailers supplying the goods. The customer, who was asking the logistics company to deliver the package into a locker on their behalf, addressed the package to their name and customer number, at the logistics depot address. This allowed their solution to go live very quickly, as no IT integration was required, but did mean they had to extract that data when the packages got to them.

The logistics company received, without any pre-alert information, the days deliveries by other carriers, such as Royal Mail, DHL and TNT.

These packages had to be relabelled for onward delivery into the customers chosen locker bank and the appropriate fee charged. Booking involved weighing and measuring the parcels, as they require a large enough locker to fit the package. Charging the customer involves reading the customers name and account no from the address label.

A single custom label scanning system to do this and more was created in around 6 weeks. The package was placed on the scales, and capture of all required information was triggered by a scan of the address label. A photograph of the package provided proof of its condition at that time. Data is then exchanged with the physical locker booking system and the customer management system to manage the parcel. Finally this bespoke label scanning system prints the label to get the shipment to its destination locker.

What Systems Can I talk To?

In addition to modules to interface to hardware, PostID has modules to talk to other systems, for user interface components and for logic and processing. Some of these are listed here:

Data Exchange Components

  • Databases
  • Web Services
  • Files
  • Computer Ports
  • And many more

Processing Components

  • Optical Character recognition (OCR)
  • Postal Address File Lookup (PAF)
  • Barcode Reading (1 and 2 Dimensional)
  • Barcode Writing (1 and 2 Dimensional)
  • PDF Generation
  • And many more

 Custom Modules

We can create custom modules on demand to make your label scanning system fulfil your requirements, quickly and cheaply. Contact Pinesoft for more details.