MBagger Touch MBag System Includes

Everything you need for the perfect MBag System:

  • A modern ‘All In One’ touch screen PC, normally a Dell unit, powered by an Intel i5 or better processor, running Windows 7 Professional
  • A Datalogic Powerscan PD9530; an industrial rugged imaging barcode scanner
  • A Zebra GK420D printer
  • A roll of 1000 4″ * 3″ thermal labels
  • One years software support via remote connection
  • 12 months hardware warranty

MBagger Touch Does Not Include

Anti virus software; MBagger touch is designed to run as a stand alone product, and is not normally required to be connected to a network. If it is connected to a public network anti virus software is highly recommended. Your IT department will be able to assist here if anti virus software is required on the MBagger MBag System.

MBagger Touch Components

The MBagger Touch System. No Keyboard, No Mouse.

The MBagger Touch System. All you need to duplicate labels quickly and accurately.

For details of how to use MBagger Touch, check out the tutorial videos here.

For details of how well MBagger Touch can copy labels, see here.

MBag Production

If you are mailing or re-mailing using M-Bags the MBagger MBag system will allow you to start processing mailings faster than you ever believed possible.

Your operators will be up to speed on the MBagger MBag system within 1 hour, and more productive than ever before.