Introduction To MBagger Touch: An MBag Tutorial

A three minute video showing an MBagger touch in use, and it’s basic modes of operation. It shows how to copy address labels and serves as a simple MBag (M-Bag) tutorial. 

Get your stopwatch ready to check out it’s performance at 02:07. At under 2 seconds per label it is the worlds fastest label copy system. It is also by far the worlds best label copy system, using its patented algorithm to actively seek out detail in labels, and produce a readable copy label first time, every time.

Advanced MBagger Touch Tutorial

A three minute video detailing:

  • How to create custom transforms to optimise MBagger for a particular MBag job; dot matrix print or handwriting perhaps
  • Configure MBagger for specific label sizes from the range of supported label sizes
  • Use the advanced print copy capabilities on MBagger
    • Multiple Copy Capabilities
    • Duplicate hundreds of CN22 / CN23 labels for an MBag job
    • Retain copies / revert to single copy setting

For technical details of how MBagger can copy your MBag address labels this well, just click here.

MBag label copy system. Fast clean address label copies

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