Introducing MBagger Touch™

  • MBag Label Copier;Address Label Copier M-Bag
    The MBagger Touch System. No Keyboard, No Mouse.

MBagger Touch: The Right Solution For Copying Address Labels and M-Bag Labels

MBagger has been the premier solution for copying address and M-Bag labels since 2010.

MBagger Touch is the new faster MBagger. It runs on a Windows 10 Professional™ Operating System for easier remote support. MBagger Touch reproduces address labels first time, every time in 2 seconds or less. Click here to see the speed and quality of label reproduction. MBagger is supported By Pinesoft Ltd. It is developed using the PostID toolkit, so can be customised if required.

It is optimised to copy an area of text of around 4″ * 3″ onto a similar sized label. This makes it ideal for copying the following:

  • Address Labels
  • M-Bag Labels / MBag Labels
  • Courier Labels
  • Customs Declarations (CN22 / CN23)

MBagger Touch: Copies Poor Labels Or Labels Covered With Poly-Wrap

MBagger Touch can cope with anything that your customers can ask you to despatch. All of the following are no problem at all:

  • Poly-Wrap
  • Handwriting
  • Textured or Coloured backgrounds (Manila envelopes etc)
  • Dot Matrix Labels, even with worn out ribbons

Click Here to see examples of some of the labels that MBagger Touch handles with ease and speed.

MBagger Touch: Seeks Out Text In Your Label, So The Result is ‘Right First Time, Every Time’

MBagger is the only Label Copying software that actually performs image processing to seek out the detail and discard the background from your label. The algorithms are so fast and clever that we patented them. They work so well that for almost every label you will ever see, the default ‘Fine’ filter is perfect. The algorithms can be tuned to your requirements if required, for example if you get a particularly bad mailing in. View the Advanced MBagger tutorial Video here to see how to optimise MBagger Touch for a specific task.

MBagger Touch: Applications

Logistics And Distribution

MBagger Touch was originally developed for logistics companies using M-Bags for International re-mail. They use it for the following purposes:

  • Copying Address labels onto M-Bag labels
  • Duplicating Carrier labels
  • Copying CN22/CN23 Customs documentation

 Other Markets

  • Pharmaceuticals: Copying batch labels when splitting bulk packs to reproduce manufacturing information onto individual items
  • Any application requiring a thermal label that has an accurate readable copy of an area of detail